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Saturday, September 19, 2020
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PSY A36 C37 1999 (COL)
Adolescents' perception of their relationship with their working or non-working mothers
by Capa, Maharlika I
©1999 Published by The Authors


PSY A87 A43 2004 (COL)
Assertiveness of female and male high school student leaders from coed and exclusive schools
by Ambat, Katherine Anne Diy
©2004 Published by The Authors


PSY A88 C78 1997 (COL)
Attitude towards marriage, mate selection and heterosexual behavior of female senior high school students with working and non-working mothers
by Cruz, Lindsay
©1997 Published by The Authors


LB 1043 P67 1969 (COL)
Audio-tutorial approach to learning : through independent study and integrated experiences
by Postlethwait, Samuel
©1969 Published by Burgess , Minnesota


R 726.5 B43 1987 (COL)
Behavioral science
by Wiener, Jerry M., ed.
©1987 Published by Wiley , New York
ISBN 0471605913


Tr. Ref. 507.1 B46 2007 (HS)
Best practices for teaching science : what award-winning classroom teachers do
©2007 Published by Corwin Press , Thousand Oaks, CA
ISBN 978142924573


TR 372.13 Sch3 c1999 (GS)
Challenging projects for creative minds : 20 self directed enrichment projects that develop and showcase students ability for grades 1-5 & 6up
by Schlemmer, Phil
©1999 Published by Free Spirit Publishing, Minneapolis, MA
ISBN 1575420481



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