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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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Call Number
ACD 909.82 G79 1991 Vol. 1 (HS)
Great speeches of the 20th century
©1991 Published by Rhino Records , 1991


ACR 808.85 G81 (a-f) (HS)
Great Speeches of the world's master Public Speakers
Published by Famous Writers Publishers.


DA 588 C58 1952 (COL)
In the balance, speeches 1949 and 1950
by Churchill, Winston Leonard Speser 1874
©1952 Published by Houghton Mifflin , Boston, 1952


808.51 L51s 2001 (HS)
Say it like Shakespeare : how to give a speech like Hamlet, persuade like Henry V, and other secrets from the world's greatest
by Leech, Thomas
©2001 Published by McGraw-Hill , New York
ISBN 0071373152


ACD PN 6121 G74 (HEU)
The Greatest speeches of the last 100 years
©2008 Published by (S.l. : s.n.), 2008


B L83L 2010 (HS)
The King's speech [how one man saved the British monarchy]
by Logue, Mark
©2010 Published by Sterling , New York, NY, 2010
ISBN 9781402786761


808.85 W927 (GS)
The world's great speeches
Published by Goodwill Publishing House , New Delhi, India
ISBN 8172450672



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