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Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Call Number
FIL HC 460 D43 P53 2001 no.1-6 (COL)
PIDS Discussion Paper Series
©2001 Published by Philippine Institute for Development Studies, Makati City


ADB HD 1702 W38 2004 v.13 (COL)
Small piped water networks : helping local entrepreneurs to invest
by Conan, Hervé
©2004 Published by Asian Development Bank, [Manila]
ISBN 9715615430 (pbk)


CDR TD 741 S63 [HEU]
Smarter sanitation : how to clean up your sanitation and wastewater mess
©2006 Published by Asian Development Bank, Manila, 2006


TD 315 S87 2010 (COL)
Sustainable urban water and sanitation-integrated processes : Process reports, 2009-2010: change projects from the international training programme
©2010 Published by Lund University Commissioned Education , Lund, Sweden
ISBN 9789197838153


HD 1698 A1 A85 2007 (ESI)
The proceedings of the 1st Asia-Pacific Water Summit : water security : leadership and commitment, 3-4 December 2007, B-con Plaza, Beppu City, Oita Prefect
©2007 Published by World Scientific , Singapore
ISBN 9789812833273 (pbk.)


TD 299 A1 W27 1997 (COL)
Water : Asia's environmental imperative
©1997 Published by Asian Media Information and Communication Centre , Singapore
ISBN 9971905612 (pbk)


TD 299 W37 2005 (COL)
Water for all : the water policy of the Asian Development Bank
©2005 Published by Asian Development Bank , Mandaluyong City, 2005



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