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Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Call Number
CA A93 C33 1996 (COL)
Audio-visual production on the "orientation program of Miriam College Child Study Center"
by Cabanas, Benilda A
©1996 Published by The Authors


PSY A37 C4 2003 (COL)
Children's images and perceptions of death : a descriptive study
by Adriano, Olivia Elaine D
©2003 Published by The Authors


MA MAVE C66 B64 2002 (COL)
Comic strips eliciting values in teaching values education in first year high school
by Bognot, Regina Mignon C.
©2002 Published by The Author


CA E38 G37 1990 (COL)
Educational instructional learning materials in four selected pre-schools in Quezon City
by Garcia, Ma. Theresa
©1990 Published by The Authors


MA MAVE E34 I58 2003 (COL)
Effectiveness of the total person experiental learning approach in teaching values education
by Intia, Aurida P.
©2003 Published by Miriam College, Graduate School , Quezon City


MA MAVE E54 A38 2002 (COL)
Enhancing the processing skills of values education teachers through a seminar-workshop
by Agusila, Jacqueline Canlas
©2002 Published by The Authors


DVD LB 1778 M4 (HEU)
Miriam College Teachers day 2012
©2012 Published by Miriam College , (Quezon City), 2012



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