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Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Call Number
FIL 959.921 T15 c1997 (GS)
A history of the Philippines
by Tan, Samuel K.
©1997 Published by Manila Studies Association , Manila
ISBN 97188510504


FIL REF Z 3297 M5 T36 (COL)
Annotated bibliography of Jawi materials of the Muslim South.
by Tan, Samuel K.
©1996 Published by UP-CIDS, Mindanao Studies Program and the UP Press, Quezon City
ISBN 9717420041


Beyond local history: the case of Sulu history in national perspective
by Tan, Samuel K.


DVD GV 884 C37 C37 (HEU)
Coach Carter
©2005 Published by Paramount Pictures , Hollywood, Calif. , 2005


VCD GV 884 C37 C37 (COL)
Coach Carter
©2005 Published by Paramount Pictures , Hollywood, Calif., 2005


FIL DS 686 T36 (COL)
Critical decade 1921-1930
by Tan, Samuel Kong, 1933-
©1993 Published by University of the Phil. Press, Quezon City, 1993
ISBN 9718893008


FIL 959.9027 T15d (HS)
Decolonization and Filipino Muslim identity
by Tan, Samuel K
©1989 Published by U.P., Departamento ng Kasaysayan , Quezon City, 1989



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