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Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Call Number
CA A49 D45 1998 (COL)
Always Coca-cola : an analysis of Coke's print advertisements in the Philippines
by Del Rosario, Ailene Chan
©1998 Published by The Author


VHS CA G34 B89 T (COL)
Buyer's feedback : effects of television advertisements on the students buying behavior
©1999 Published by Miriam College, Communication Arts Department, Quezon City, 1999


CA HF 6146 T42 B89 1999 (COL)
Buyers' feedback : effects of television advertisements on the students' buying behavior
by Galisanao, Ronaldo A
©1999 Published by The Authors


CA C45 G33 1988 (COL)
Children's visual perception of the live and animated visual techniques of colgate and persodent television commercials (Claret and Holy Family School
by Gabasa, Charlene A
©1988 Published by The Authors


CA C66 C78 1999 (COL)
Commercialization of the Philippine centennial via advertising : An analysis of the viewers' opinions on the "payless" and "STI" (Systems Technology Institute) TV ad
by Cruz, Kristine
©1999 Published by The Authors


CA C66 A44 1999 (COL)
Content analysis on the sense of nationalism depicted in the two Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company centennial public service advertisements
by Alfonso, Bernadette
©1999 Published by The Authors


CA D48 A98 1991 (COL)
DBP entrepreneurship TV campaign and the communicability attribute of diffusion of innovation
by Ayuson, Gerlie
©1991 Published by The Authors



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