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Saturday, September 19, 2020
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HD 6072.6 U5 W55 2006 (COL)
Smart women and small business : how to make the leap from corporate careers to the right small enterprise
by Wilmerding, Ginny, 1969-
©2006 Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. , Hoboken, N.J.
ISBN 9780471778684 (hb)


HD 6072.6 T5 N36 1998 (COL)
Social security for women in the informal sector in Thailand
by Napat Sirisamphand
©1998 Published by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Bangkok Office , Bangkok
ISBN 9748661679


HD 62.5 D44 2000 (COL)
Start small, finish big : fifteen key lessons to start--and run--your own successful business
by DeLuca, Fred
©2000 Published by Warner Books , New York
ISBN 0446677566 (pbk.)


NC 998.5 A1 F66 2014 (COL)
The business side of creativity : the comprehensive guide to starting and running a small graphic design or communications business
by Foote, Cameron S.
©2014 Published by W.W. Norton & Company, Inc , New York
ISBN 9780393734003 (pbk)


HD 62.5 P38 2000 (COL)
The complete idiot's guide to starting your own business
by Paulson, Edward
©2000 Published by Alpha Books , Indianapolis, IN, 2000
ISBN 9814096695


HD 8038 A1 M35 1997 (COL)
True professionalism : the courage to care about your people, your clients, and your career
by Maister, David H.
©1997 Published by Free Press , New York, NY
ISBN 0684834669 (hb)



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