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Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Call Number
PSY P47 J38 1996 (COL)
Perceptions of selected female adolescents with absent father regarding marriage, males and peers
by Javier, Cynderella
©1996 Published by The Authors


IS P47 C37 2004 (COL)
Persistence of the "White Australia Policy" : a study of the Australian government's response to refugees from Viernam and East Timor
by Castillo, Olive P.
©2004 Published by The Authors


PSY P48 B73 2003 (COL)
Peter Pan meets Juan Dela Cruz : the manifestation of the Peter Pan syndrome among Filipino young adult males
by Braganza, Lareina P.
©2003 Published by The Authors


PSY P74 C37 2003 (COL)
Predictors of sibling rivalry among college students
by Casabar, Flor Danice S.
©2003 Published by The Authors


CA R45 L38 1996 (COL)
Relationship between the Miriam College students perception of the Miriam College disciplinary board's decision regarding the Chi Rho case and the...
by Palpal-Latoc, Pia E.
©1996 Published by The Author


IS R65 B38 2000 (COL)
Role of the United Nations' facilitation of conflict resolution in East Timor's struggle for independence
by Bautista, Ma. Carmela Y
©2000 Published by The Authors


IS R65 A43 2000 (COL)
Role of track two diplomacy in resolving issues on territorial disputes in South East Asia (Case of the Spratly Island)
by Alday, Alaiza H
©2000 Published by The Authors



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