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Saturday, April 4, 2020
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Tr. Ref. 371.192 G33h 2007 (HS)
Home, school and community relations
by Gestwicki, Carol
©2007 Published by Thomson Delmar Learning , Clifton Park, NY
ISBN 9781418029746


LB 2369 W46 2014 (COL)
How to design, write, and present a successful dissertation proposal
by Wentz, Elizabeth A.
©2014 Published by Sage , Los Angeles, 2014
ISBN 9781452257884


Imelda's role in the Mindanao conflict.


IS In5 A46 2008 (COL)
Intervention of third party actors : the role of the United Nations mission in Sierra Leone in the peacekeeping operations.
by Almelor, Arah Camille R.
©2008 Published by The Authors


306.8 D36i 2008 (HS)
Intimate relationships, marriages & families
by DeGenova, Mary Kay
©2008 Published by McGraw - Hill , Boston, 2008
ISBN 9780073528106


HQ 536 B46 2009 (COL)
Marriages & families : changes, choices, and constraints
by Benokraitis, Nijole V.
©2009 Published by Pearson Education, Inc. , Upper Saddle, New Jersey
ISBN 9780138156268 (pbk.)


BV 4395 O8 1980 (COL)
Married to the minister : dilemmas, conflicts and joys in the role of the clergy wife
by Oswald, Roy M.
©1980 Published by Alban Institute , Washington, D.C.



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