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Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Call Number
DIS PhD M35 A58 2002 (COL)
"Malasakit at aruga ng ama" : a phenomenological exploration of generative parenting
by Antonio, Angelito Z.
©2002 Published by Miriam College, Graduate School , Quezon City


BF 81 W25 2014 (COL)
A critical history and philosophy of psychology : diversity of context, thought, and practice
by Walsh, Richard T. G., 1942-
©2014 Published by Cambridge University Press , Cambridge, 2014
ISBN 9780521691260 (pbk.)


LB 1028.24 M35 2010 (COL)
Action research and reflective practice : creative and visual methods to facilitate reflection and learning
by McIntosh, Paul
©2010 Published by Routledge , Abingdon, Oxon
ISBN 9780415469029 (pbk.)


Community : Paradigm of unity and reconciliation a systematic reflection on the experience of Christian communit
by Fisico, ma. Flora S.


B 2430 T23 Sm84 1967 (COL)
Design of Teilhard de Chardin : an essay in theological reflection
by Smulders, Pieter Frans, 1911-
©1967 Published by Newman Press , Westminster


201.7 D56 2013 (HS)
Digital religion : understanding religious practice in new media worlds
©2013 Published by Routledge , Abingdon, Oxon
ISBN 978-0-415-67611-3


FIL BD 450 O1 2006 (COL)
Dignity of the thinking person : a philosophical reflection on human nature
by Ocampo, Ma. Liza Ruth A.
©2006 Published by UST Publishing House , Manila
ISBN 9789715063821(pb)



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