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Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Call Number
HC 441 E58 2013 (COL)
Enhancing ASEAN's connectivity
by Basu Das, Sanchita, editor
©2013 Published by Institute of Southeast Asian Studies , Singapore, 2013
ISBN 9789814414111 (pbk)


DS 527.4 G48 2009 (COL)
Getting it wrong : flawed "corporate social responsibility" and misrepresentations surrounding total and Chevron's ...
©2009 Published by EarthRights International , Washington, D.C.


CDR TD 321 A2 I57 (HEU)
In the pipeline, water for the poor : investing in small piped water networks
©2008 Published by ADB , Mandaluyong City, 2008


HD 57.7 L33 2010 (COL)
Leadership in Asia : challenges and opportunities
by Ulrich, David, 1953- , ed.
©2010 Published by McGraw-Hill , Singapore
ISBN 9780071272148 (pbk)


ADB HD 1702 W38 2004 v.13 (COL)
Small piped water networks : helping local entrepreneurs to invest
by Conan, Hervé
©2004 Published by Asian Development Bank, [Manila]
ISBN 9715615430 (pbk)


DS 527.4 T68 2000 (COL)
Total impact : the human rights, environmental, and financial impacts of total and Chevron's Yada gas project ...
©2000 Published by EarthRights International , Washington, D.C.



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