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Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Call Number
GV 706.4 A66 2006 (COL)
Applied sport psychology : personal growth to peak of performance
©2006 Published by McGraw - Hill , Boston
ISBN 0071255230


HF 5385 W47 2012 (COL)
Coaching and mentoring : a critical text
by Western, Simon
©2012 Published by SAGE Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA
ISBN 9781848601642 (pbk.)


DVD Fic F141 (GS)
Facing the giants
©2006 Published by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


FIL BF 637 P36 A24 2016 (COL)
Focus on what matter
by Acevedo, Pia Sandra Nazareno
©2016 Published by HR Creative Consultancy , Quezon City, 2016
ISBN 9786219516723 (pbk)


Tr. Ref. 158.3082 AL5h 2012 (HS)
How to coach a woman : a practitioners manual ; a refreshingly different guide to becoming an ethical and responsible coach
by Allen, Lynette
©2012 Published by Crown House Publishing Ltd. , Wales, SA ; Bether, CT
ISBN 978-184590676-4


TR 158.3 H3421 (GS)
Interactional coaching : choice-focused learning at work
by Harvey, Michael
©2012 Published by Routledge , New York, 2012
ISBN 9780415614726


BF 637 P36 N44 2007 (COL)
Life coaching skills : how to develop skilled clients
by Jones, Richard Nelson
©2007 Published by Sage Publications , London
ISBN 9781412933940 (pbk.)



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