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There are 6 items that matched your search on PINATUBO, MOUNT (VOLCANO ISLAND, PHILIPPINES). See listings below.
Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Call Number
FIL T REF BF723 P36 C54 1992 (GRAD0
"Children's perception of the volcanic eruption"
by Chio, Rossel V.
Published by Miriam College , Quezon City, 1992


CA C45 C45 1992 (COL)
Children's perception of the volcanic eruption
by Chio, Ann Rossel V
©1992 Published by The Authors


FIL REF DS 666 A3 E78 1991 (COL)
Eruption and exodus : Mt. Pinatubo and the Aytas of Zambales
©1991 Published by Lubos na Alyansa ng mga katutubong Ayta ng Zambale, Botolan, Zambales, 1991


FIL REF DS 666 A3 D32 (COL)
Mt. Pinatubo 500 years after.
by Dacanay, Barbara Mae
©1991 Published by Joseph Tan , Quezon City, 1991


FIL REF DS 666 A3 C37 (COL)
Pinatubo. : the eruption of the century.
by Castro, Eddee RH.
©1991 Published by Phoenix , Quezon City
ISBN 9710619497


* DS 666 A3 C37
Pinatubo: the eruption of the century.
by Aquino, Orlando F., ed.
Published by not yet encoded



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