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Thursday, August 6, 2020
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Call Number
VHS 262 M68 1996 (HS)
A mission of hope
©1996 Published by Daughters of St. Paul, Pasay City, 1996


Apostolic journey of his holiness Pope Francis to Sri Lanka and the Philippines


Five days of mercy
by Villarama, Joey


CDR * 282.09 M11 1996 (HS)
Mabuhay ang Papa : the Papal visit
by Distributed Processing Systems, Inc. (DSPI)
©1996 Published by Distributed Processing Systems, Inc. , Philippines, 1996


Pope Francis effect
by Anonas-Carpio, Alma


FIL 270.083 B12p 1994 (HS)
preparing our future : the POpe and the Filipino youth
by Bacani, Teodoro C., Jr.
©1994 Published by Gift of God Publications
ISBN 1102009338


The poor at the center of Pope Francis message
by Roxas-Mendoza, Psyche.



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