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Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Call Number
VHS MP T91 1954 (HS)
2000 Leagues under the sea
©1954 Published by Walt Disney Pictures , 1954


Fil F Ev924am (GS)
Amansinaya, ang diwata ng dagat
by Evasco, Eugene
©2007 Published by LG & M Corporation , Quezon City, Philippines, 2007
ISBN 9789710422494


F P64o (HS)
An ocean apart
by Pilcher, Robin
©1999 Published by St. Martin's Press , New York
ISBN 0312971842


FIL E D5422dm (GS)
Domino and the whale
by Diaz de Rivera, Lina B.
©2005 Published by LG & M Corporation , Quezon City, 2005
ISBN 9710314564


F K48e 2007 (HS)
Emily Windsnap and the castle in the mist
by Kessler, Liz
©2007 Published by Scholastic Inc. , New York, 2007
ISBN 9780545058120


VCD MP F49n 2003 (HS)
Finding nemo
©2003 Published by Disney Enterprises , New York, 2003


E In371li oc (GS)
I can save the ocean! : the little green monster cleans up the beach
by Inches, Alison
©2010 Published by Little Simon , New York, 2010
ISBN 9781416995142



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