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Thursday, August 6, 2020
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Call Number
RJ 505 M48 B87 2005 (COL)
101 healing stories for kids and teens : using metaphors in therapy
by Burns, George W.
©2005 Published by John Wiley and Sons, Hoboken
ISBN 0471471674 (pbk.)


BF 575 H27 B87 2017 (COL)
101 stories for enhancing happiness and well-being : using metaphors in positive psychology and therapy
by Burns, George W.
©2017 Published by Routledge , New York, NY, 2017
ISBN 9781138935839 (pbk)


Tr. Ref. 378.1 C83 2004 (HS)
Counseling the procrastinator in academic settings
©2004 Published by American Psychological Association , Washington, DC
ISBN 1591471079


RC 488.5 G43 2014 (COL)
Mastering competencies in family therapy : a practical approach to theories and clinical case documentation
by Gehart, Diane R., 1969-
©2014 Published by Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning , Australia, 2014
ISBN 9781285075426 (pbk.)


RC 488.5 E76 1996 (COL)
Narrative solutions in brief therapy
by Eron, Joseph B.
©1996 Published by Guilford Press , New York, 1996
ISBN 1572301260


RC 489 S74 N37 2007 (COL)
Narrative therapy : making meaning, making lives
©2007 Published by SAGE Publications, Thousand Oaks, Calif.
ISBN 1412909880 (pbk.)


RC 489 M23 2011 (COL)
Narrative therapy
by Madigan, Stephen, 1959-
©2011 Published by American Psychological Association , Washington, DC
ISBN 9781433808555 (pbk.)



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