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Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Call Number
CA A23 B66 1992 (COL)
"A B C D E" : a production thesis
by Bonifacio, Armichelle P.
©1992 Published by The Authors


FIL T REF HD 6278 P6 P38 1988 THESIS (GRAD)
A study on the absorption of college objectives by Maryknoll College graduates from 1978 to 1987
by Paz, Melani
Published by Miriam College , Quezon City, 1988


FIL HD 75 D48 1986 (COL)
Developmental theories : a reader II
©1986 Published by Maryknoll College Foundation , Quezon City


DIS PhD F36 D56 2003 (COL)
Families of model priests : a phenomenological inquiry
by Dimaranan, Vitaliano S.
©2003 Published by The Author


CA F55 L46 1992 (COL)
Filipino sports and games
by Leongson, Leriza G
©1992 Published by The Authors


VHS LG 227 Q4 R48 (COL)
Miriam College history
©1996 Published by [none]


FIL QH 307.2 G72 1994
Modern concepts of biology
by Grageda, Olga P.
©1994 Published by Miriam College Foundation , [Quezon City], 1994



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