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Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Explicit memory in anxiety disorders
by Becker, Eni S.


FIL 150 Ar4 2012 (HS)
General psychology today : with drug education
by Ariola, Mariano M.
©2012 Published by Purely Books Trading & Publishing Corp. , Manila
ISBN 978-971-9533-80-1.


BF 77 G66 2008 (COL)
Guide to teaching introductory psychology
by Goss Lucas, Sandra
©2008 Published by Blackwell Pub. , Malden, MA
ISBN 9781405151511 (pbk.)


BF 385 D44 2011 (COL)
Helping students remember : exercises and strategies to strengthen memory
by Dehn, Milton J.
©2011 Published by John Wiley & Sons , Hoboken, NJ
ISBN 9780470919972 (pbk.)


616.84 H43h 1999 (HS)
How to cure your memory failures : dozens of proven methods from two world experts
by Hermann, Douglas J.
©1999 Published by Blandford Press , London
ISBN 0713728035


How to enhance memory and organizational skills for ad/hd
by Ureta, Jay V.


Tr. Ref. 370.1522 AL5i 2011 (HS)
Improving working memory : supporting students' learning
by Alloway, Tracy Packiam
Published by SAGE Publciations Ltd. , London, 2011
ISBN 978-1-84920-748-5



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