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Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Call Number
RC 394 A85 Y68 2007 (COL)
ADHD in adults : a psychological guide to practice
by Young, Susan, 1957-
©2007 Published by John Wiley & Sons , Chichester, England
ISBN 0470012323 (pbk.)


RC 531 A58 2009 (COL)
Anti-anxiety workbook : proven strategies to overcome worry, phobias, panic, and obsessions
by Antony, Martin M.
©2009 Published by Guilford Press , New York
ISBN 9781593859930 (pbk.)


Autobiographical memory style in seasonal affective disorder and its relationship to future symptom remission
by Dalgleish, Tim


PR 6123 A884 B44 2011 (COL)
Before I go to sleep : a novel
by Watson, S. J. (Steven J.)
©2011 Published by Harper , New York
ISBN 9780062131324 (pbk.)


LB 1050.5 C45 2007 (COL)
Children's comprehension problems in oral and written language : a cognitive perspective
©2007 Published by Guilford Press , New York
ISBN 9781593858322 (pb)


BF 121 G65 2011 (COL)
Creative concepts in psychology : an activity and case-based approach
by Goldstein, Andrea H.
©2011 Published by McGraw-Hill , New York
ISBN 9780073524658 (pbk.)


BF 376 T144 1968 (COL)
Disorders of memory and learning
by Talland, George A.
©1968 Published by Penguin Books , Middlesex, England



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