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Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Call Number
AARP 808.09072 An8 IV-5 2010 (HS)
Academic research papers
©2010 Published by Miriam College High School , English Area, Quezon City, 2010


FIL REF QL 323 U54 1999 (ESI/COL)
by Unjieng, Eduardo Cu
©1999 Published by Bookmark , Makati City, 1999
ISBN 971569344X


VHS QL 381 A55 (HEU)
Animal life
©1990 Published by Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation , Chicago, Ill. , 1990


EP C3 A47 2003 (COL)
Castle of water and greens
by Alpajora, Lanyvel
©2003 Published by The Authors , Quezon City


FIL QL 323 D44 1995
Faunal divesity in the marine coastal zone
by De la Paz, Reynaldo M.
©1995 Published by Center for Intergrative and Development Studies, U, Quezon City, Philippines, 1995
ISBN 9718797688


FIL Ref. 590.9599 G56m 2012 (HS)
Snorkeler's guide to marine life of the Philippines : including descriptions to the best snorkeling sites throughout the archipelago
by Goldman, Lee
Published by Lee Goldman , [s.l.], 2012
ISBN 978-971-0321-34-6



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