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There are 35 items that matched your search on MINDANAO (PHILIPPINES) -- POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT. See listings below.
Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Call Number
FIL BP 63 P5 F477 (COL)
Anatomy of Philippine Muslim affairs. : a study in depth on Muslim affairs in the Philippines.
by Filipinas Foundation, Inc.
©1971 Published by Rizal , Makati, 1971


DVD DS 688 M2 A22 (COL)
Bagong buwan / Eskapo
©2008 Published by Star Home Video , Quezon City, 2008


Bangsamoro : the quest for peace (second of two parts)
by Elefante,Fill V.


FIL DS 688 M2 D43 1998 (COL)
Defending the land : Lumad and Moro peoples' struggle for ancestral domain in Mindanao
©1998 Published by [none] , none


FIL DS 666 M7 S25 2005 (COL)
Dynamics and directions of the GRP-MILF peace negotiations
by Santos, Soliman M., Jr.
©2005 Published by Alternative Forum for Research in Mindanao , Davao City, Philippines
ISBN 9719250763


FIL DS 688 M2 M32 1999 (COL)
Essays on peace and development in Southern Philippines : papers read in national and international conferences
by Madale, Nagasura T.
©1999 Published by Cagayan Capitol College, Capitol Institute for Research and Extension, Cagayan De Oro City


FIL DS 688 M2 G48 2015 (COL)
Getting to peace : GPH-MILF peace negotiations, opening statements, 2011-2014
©2015 Published by Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, Pasig City



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