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Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Call Number
IS S78 M66 1999 (COL)
A study on the political and socio-cultural factors that impede the recognition of lesbian and gay rights in Philippine society
by Montemayor, Nathalie L.
Published by The Authors


AARP 808.09072 An8 IV-2 2008 (HS)
An anthology of academic research papers
©2008 Published by Miriam College High School , Quezon City


FIL RA 564.85 M87 2001 (COL)
Body and soul : a forum on lesbianism and religion: women loving women
by Multimedia Discussion on Women, Religion and Reproductive Health (2001 : Baguio City, Philippines, etc.)
©2001 Published by Women's Feature Service , Quezon City, 2001


FIL RA 564.85 M87 L4 2001 (COL)
Body and soul : a forum on lesbianism & religion : women loving women
©2001 Published by Women's Feature Service Philippines, Inc., Quezon City


PSY C6 C37 2005 (COL)
Comparative study of the level of social anxiety of butch lesbians studying in an exclusive girls' college and a coeducational school
by Casiño, Avylene
©2005 Published by The Author


IS I34 C67 1997 (COL)
Ideological analysis of the articulations on lesbianism by Filipino lesbian feminists
by Corpuz, Connie Rose B
©1997 Published by The Authors


VCD HQ 75.5 C66 (COL)
If these walls could talk 2
©2000 Published by Home Box Office (HBO), New York, NY, 2000



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