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Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Freedom of association : protecting the empowering


FIL HD 6827 G78 (COL)
GTU : kurso sa tunay na unyonismo.
©1987 Published by Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education and Resea, Quezon City, 1987
ISBN 9719110406


REF HD 8736 C52 1981 (COL)
Historiography of the Chinese labor movement, 1895-1949. : a critical survey and bibliography of selected Chinese source materials at the Hoover Institution
by Chan, Ming K.
©1981 Published by Hoover Institution Press , Stanford, California
ISBN 0817926011


VHS HF 5549 H85 (COL)
Human Resource Management
©1997 Published by ABC News Prentice Hall Video Library


FIL HD 5825 A6 S47 (COL)
Implications of labor flexibility to unions in selected establishments in Metro Manila : Are unions at the end of their tether?
by Serrano, Melisa R
©1994 Published by University of the Phil. Press, none, 1994


Imprisoned labor leader comes home.


In Iloilo city: mall's image fades with labor...



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