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Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Call Number
Ref. 909.0703 Ex7 Ire--Mam v. 6 2006 (HS)
Exploring the middle ages : Ireland -- Mamluks, vol. 6
©2006 Published by Marshall Cavendish , New York
ISBN 0761476199


VCD DS 109.9 L35 (COL)
Jerusalem city of heaven
©1996 Published by Discovery Communications, Inc. , Bethesda, MD, 1996


BM 723 J3 1974 (COL)
Jewish values
by Jacobs, Louis
©1974 Published by Keter , Jerusalem, israel


296.491 J35c 2004 (HS)
The complede idiot's guide to Jerusalem
by Jeffers, H. Paul (Harry Paul), 1934-
©2004 Published by Alpha , Indianapolis, IN
ISBN 1592571794


296.491 G56t 2004 (HS)
The temple of Jerusalem
by Goldhill, Simon
©2004 Published by Profile Books , Great Britain
ISBN 1861976038


BM 726 S47 1992 (COL)
Women as ritual experts : the religious lives of elderly Jewish women in Jerusalem
by Sered, Susan Starr
©1992 Published by Oxford University Press, New York
ISBN 019511146X(pbk.)



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