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Friday, September 18, 2020
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Call Number
DVD BT 202 S77 (HEU)
A journalist's personal investigation of the evidence of Jesus : the case for Christ = ang kaso para kay Christo
©2007 Published by Lionsgate , Santa Monica, Calif., 2007


232 O'C5 c (HS)
Christology : a biblical, historical and systematic study of Jesus.
by O'Collins, Gerald
©1995 Published by Oxford University Press, New York
ISBN 0198755023


FIL BT 303.2 E73 (COL)
Dinaanan ng anak ng tao.
by Erenchum, Felix, O.F.M.
©1976 Published by Manlapaz Publishing Co. , Quezon City


BT 205 E82 1996 (COL)
Historical Christ and the Jesus of faith : The incarnational narrative as history
by Evans, C. Stephen
©1996 Published by Clarendon Press , Oxford, 1996
ISBN 019826397X


232.903 M12i (HS)
Impressions of Jesus.
by McBride, Denis
©1993 Published by Claretian Publishing , Quezon City
ISBN 9715015557


REF BT 303.2 J44 (COL)
Jesus 2000
©1989 Published by Lion Publishing , England
ISBN 073424015542


BT 303.2 A52 1964 (COL)
Jesus and Christian origins. : a commentary on modern viewpoints.
by Anderson, Hugh , 1920-
©1964 Published by University Press , New York



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