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Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Call Number
Tr. Ref. 574.07 C15b 2004 (HS)
Biology : exploring life
by Campbell, Neil A.
©2004 Published by Pearson/Prentice Hall , Needham, Massachusetts
ISBN 0130625930


GF 26 D48 1994 (COL)
Developing environmental education in the curriculum
©1994 Published by Fulton , London, 1994
ISBN 1853463221


GF 3 E38 (ESI/COL)
Education in the ecological age
©1984 Published by Maryknoll College , Quezon City, 1984


MAEE E58 C63 2003 (COL)
Environmental knowledge, attitudes, and practices of teachers in ICM elementary and high schools in Cebu
by Codeniera, Rosalina A.
©2003 Published by Miriam College, Graduate School , Quezon City


FIL GE 105 E58 1996 (COL)
Environmental science : a shared responsibility towards the earth
by Santiago, Florenda I
©1996 Published by Rex Book Store , Manila, 1996
ISBN 971232026X


FIL GE 110 D43 1996 (COL)
Environmental science for Philippine schools : textbook
by Deauna, Melecio C.
©1996 Published by Phoenix Pub. House , Quezon City
ISBN 9710619985


S 936 B67 (COL)
Environmental studies : earth as a living planet
by Botkin, Daniel B.
©1987 Published by Merrill , Columbus, 1987
ISBN 0675204623



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