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Saturday, April 4, 2020
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FIL HD 30.28 S77 1998 (COL)
Strengthening programs and charting new directions : Miriam College strategic planning seminar-workshop, 21-23 October 1998, Montevista Hotel, Clarkfield
©1998 Published by Miriam College Foundation, Inc., Quezon City


TX 911.3 M27 G45 2005 (COL)
Survival guide for hotel and motel professionals
by Gelb, Alan
©2005 Published by Thomson Delmar Learning , Clifton Park, NY
ISBN 1401840949 (pbk.)


HF 5415.1265 R92 2014 (COL)
The best digital marketing campaigns in the world II
by Ryan, Damian
©2014 Published by Kogan Page , London, 2014
ISBN 9780749469689 (pbk.)


The women in the (hotel) kitchen
by Honasan, Alya B.


TX 911.3 M27 K38 2009 (COL)
Timeshare management : the key issues for hospitality managers
by Kaufman, Tammie J.
©2009 Published by Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann , Amsterdam
ISBN 9780750685993 (pbk.)


647.949591 Et7u 2001 (HS)
Under the Banyan tree
by Ettensperger, Ellen
©2001 Published by Pearson Education Asia , Singapore
ISBN 9814085103


Want to manage a hotel or restaurant, or become a gourmet cook?



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