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Saturday, April 4, 2020
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PE 1116 H34 2012 (COL)
First class service 1 : English for the tourism and hospitality management
by Hall, Stephen
©2012 Published by Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd (Philippine Branch), Pasig City
ISBN 9789814392754 (pbk,)


Fil Microfiche 802
Food inventory management practices of hotel and restaurant caterers in Metro Manila
by Victoriano, Teresita E.
©1989 Published by AdeMU , Makati


TP 370 M38 2012 (COL)
Food processing packaging, labelling and marketing
by Mathur, Akhil
©2012 Published by Anmol Publications , New Delhi
ISBN 9788126147373 (hb)


TX 911.3 F75 K36 2013 (COL)
Front desk management
by Kanchan, Arohi
©2013 Published by Centrum Press , New Delhi, 2013
ISBN 9789381460405 (pbk.)


TX 911.3 F75 F77 2017
Front desk management
by Hart, Laura, editor
©2017 Published by Larsen and Keller Education , New York, NY
ISBN 9781635496239 (pbk)


FIL TX 911.3 M27 Y37 2001 (COL)
Getting started in the food service industry : an English manual for hotel and restaurant practitioners
by Yasa, Sinforosa
©2001 Published by Anvil Publishing, Pasig City, 2001
ISBN 9712710459


G 156.5 E26 R69 2013 (COL)
Green hospitality management and eco hotels
by Roy, Raju
©2013 Published by Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd. , New Delhi, India
ISBN 9788126154562 (hb)



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