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Friday, September 18, 2020
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Amazing story of the Holy Shroud.


Amazing story of the Holy Shroud.
by De Jesus, Noel F.


Amazing story of the holy shroud.
by De Jesus, Noel F.


PQ 6664 A8932 B76 2007 (COL)
Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud
by Navarro, Julia, 1953-
©2007 Published by Dell Book , New York
ISBN 9780440243021 (pbk.)


VCD 232.96 In1 2005 (HS)
In pursuit of the shroud
©2005 Published by Discovery Communications , 2005


DVD BT 303.2 J47 (HEU)
Jesus the history
©2008 Published by Discovery Channel Communications, Inc. , Silver Spring, MD, 2010


HS 403 K5534 1997 (COL)
Second messiah : Templars, the Turin shroud and the great secret of freemasonry
by Knight, Christopher
©1997 Published by Arrow Books , London
ISBN 0099227320



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