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Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Call Number
TR 616.120 R816 (GS)
50 ways women can prevent heart disease
by Rosenthal, M. Sara
©2000 Published by Lowell House , Illinois
ISBN 0737305029


616.12 Si5w 2004 (HS)
A woman's guide to a healthy heart
by Simontacchi, Carol
©2004 Published by Contemporary Books , Chicago
ISBN 0658121583


Caring for a woman's heart


616.12008 R73h (HS)
Healing the female heart. : A holistic approach to prevention and recovery from heart disease.
by Ross, Elizabeth
©1996 Published by Pocket Books , New York
ISBN 0671894706


Heart disease in women : are you at risk?


Hypertension tops causes of heart diseases among pinoys


616.120082 P26w 2001 (HS)
The women's heart book : the complete guide to keeping your heart healthy
by Pashkow, Fredric J., 1945-
©2001 Published by Hyperion , New York
ISBN 0786884282



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