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Friday, September 18, 2020
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Call Number
158.2 M43bh 2001
Being a happy teen
by Matthews, Andrew
©2001 Published by Seashell Publishers , Queensland, Australia
ISBN 978-095-78-8143-3


Beyond Vicary's fantasies : the impact of subliminal priming and brand choice
by Karremans, Johan C.


PSY C37 C75 2002 (COL)
Case study research on coping mechanism and resiliency levels of parolees
by Cristi, Jona Paulino H.
©2002 Published by The Authors


ACR 158.12 C16c 1994 (HS)
Chicken soup for the soul : stories to open the heart and rekindle the spirit
by Canfield, Jack
©1994 Published by HCI Audio Books , 1994


Completed vs. interrupted priming : reduced accessibility from post-fulfillment inhibition
by Liberman, Nira


Culturally-rooted beliefs and learning : exploring the relationships among social axioms, achievement goals, and learning strategies of Filip
by Bernardo, Allan


BF 636.6 C48 2018
Developing helping skills : a step-by-step approach to competency
by Chang, Valerie Nash
©2018 Published by Cengage Learning , Boston, MA, 2018
ISBN 9781305943261 (pbk)



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