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There are 32 items that matched your search on GLOBAL WARMING -- ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS. See listings below.
Monday, July 6, 2020
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Call Number
QC 981.8 G56 H84 1989 (COL)
A climate of crisis : global warming and the island South Pacific
by Hulm, Peter
©1989 Published by Association of South Pacific Environmental Institu, Papua New Guinea, 1989


Animals on the move
by Flanigan, Nancy Ross


Carbon folly


Casualties of climate change
by de Sherbinin, Alex


Climate change and human welfare


QC 981.8 C5 U54 1992 (COL)
Climate change and transnational corporations : analysis and trends
by United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations
©1992 Published by United Nations, New York, 1992
ISBN 9211043859


Ref. 304.28 C76f 2011 (HS)
Confronting global warming : farming and the food supply
by Miller, Debra E.
©2011 Published by Greenhaven Press , Farmington Hills , MI
ISBN 978-0-7377-5173-4



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