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Saturday, July 4, 2020
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CA A93 F74 2008 (COL)
Awakening : cimenalaya 2005 films as channels of socially relevant themes
©2008 Published by The Authors


CA B49 B46 1999 (COL)
Beyond being a national hero : perspective of selected third year high school students from Miriam College High School on humanizin
by Benavidez, Janice Antonette F
©1999 Published by The Authors


CA C46 E94 2002 (COL)
Censorship of foreign music on radio
by Eugenio, Arlesie P
©2002 Published by The Authors


MA MHRD C67 D38 2004 (COL)
Correlates of entrepreneurship among employed women
by David, Lei-lani R.
©2004 Published by The Author


CA D57 C37 1997 (COL)
D.G.P.I. : Director's Guild of the Philippines, Inc. : directing the path of Philippine cinema
by Caro, Maydel
©1997 Published by The Authors


PSY D47 A48 2004 (COL)
Descriptive study on children's concept of a family
by Aluyen, Janina Mae B.
Published by The Authors


CA E34 A23 2004 (COL)
Effects of McDonald's pana-panahon commercial on teenage consumers
by Aballa, Toni Rose N.
©2004 Published by The Author



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