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Saturday, September 19, 2020
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HD 58.7 D4 2009 (COL)
Interpersonal skills in organizations
by De Janasz, Suzanne C.
©2009 Published by McGraw-Hill , New York
ISBN 9780071263375 (pbk.)


Keeping improvement in mind
by Mielke, Paul


Keeping the destination in mind
by Lalor, Angela Di Michele


Know thy impact
by Hattie, John


Making time for feedback
by Fisher, Douglas


Perseverance effect in the debriefing paradigm : replication and extension
by McFarland, Cathy


HD 30.3 F64 2006 (COL)
Power of feedback : 35 principles for turning feedback from others into personal and professional change
by Folkman, Joseph R.
©2006 Published by John Wiley & Sons , Hoboken, NJ
ISBN 0471998206 (hb)



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