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Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Call Number
PSY F33 A54 2004 (COL)
Facing the awful truth : dealing with negative feedback as facilititated by self-complexity and teacher efficacy
by Ang, Angelica Issah
©2004 Published by The Authors


Feedback : part of a system
by William, Dylan


BF 319.5 F4 A5 1969 (COL)
Feedback and human behaviour : the effects of knowledge of results, incentives and reinforcement on learning and performance
by Annett, John
©1969 Published by Penguin Books , Middlesex , England


TR 658.3 M4531 (GS)
Feedback toolkit : 16 tools for better communication in the workplace
by Maurer, Rick
©2011 Published by Taylor and Francis Group , New York, 2011
ISBN 9781439840931


HF 5549.5 G58 2006 (COL)
Giving feedback : expert solutions to everyday challenges
©2006 Published by Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation , Boston, MA
ISBN 9781422103487 (pbk.)


How am I doing?
by Chappuis, Jan


How to know what students know
by Himmele, William



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