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Thursday, August 6, 2020
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HF 5549.5 R3 T43 2003 v. 1 (COL)
360 degree feedback and performance management
Published by Excel books , New Delhi, 2003
ISBN 8174462066


HF 5549.5 R3 T43 2002 v.2 (GRAD)
360 degree feedback and performance management system
Published by Excell Books , New Delhi, 2002
ISBN 8174463151 (pbk.)


7 keys to effective feedback
by Wiggins, Grant


Comparative study between form feeback and content feedback in L2 composition writing
by Dumanig, Francisco P.


Electronic feedback
by Johnson, Doug


BF 503 M66 2010 (COL)
Employee engagement through effective performance management : a practical guide for managers
by Mone, Edward M.
©2010 Published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group , New York
ISBN 9781848728202 (hb)


LB 3013 H82 2017
Evidence-based strategies for effective classroom management
by Hulac, David M.
©2017 Published by The Guilford Press , New York, NY
ISBN 9781462531752 (pbk)



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