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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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A student activity that simulates evolution


570 R91b 2011 (HS)
Biology : the dynamic science
by Russell, Peter J.
©2011 Published by Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning , Australia, 2011
ISBN 9780538741453


QH 608 M33 2014 (COL)
Biology of aging
by McDonald, Roger B.
©2014 Published by Garland Science , New York
ISBN 9780815342137 (pbk)


RC 512 B87 2007 (COL)
Descent of madness : evolutionary origins of psychosis and the social brain
by Burns, Jonathan, 1968-
©2007 Published by Routledge , New York
ISBN 9781583917435 (pbk.)


QH 401 H63 1991 (COL)
Evolutionary genetics and environmental stress
by Hoffmann, Ary A
©1991 Published by Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1991
ISBN 0198540817


Evolutionary origin of recombination during meiosis
by Bernstein, Harris


DVD QH 315 C47d (HEU)
Light speed biology : DNA and evolutionary biology
©2010 Published by Cerebellum Corporation , San Francisco, CA, 2010



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