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Friday, July 10, 2020
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Call Number
JZ 1570 O77 2014 (COL)
European Union with(in) international organisations : commitment, consistency and effects across time
by Orsini, Amandine, editor
©2014 Published by Ashgate Publishing Company , Farnham, Surrey, UK ; Burlington, VT
ISBN 9781472424150 (pbk)


IS E97 C37 2007 (COL)
European Union's democracy assistance to the ARI Movement : promoting democracy among the Turkish youth
by Casabar, Maria Donna S.
©2007 Published by The Authors


European Union, United States and ASEAN: Challenges and prospects for Co-operative engagement in the 21st century : Book Reviews


REF HG 3753 U54 (COL)
Export finance. : comparative analysis of U.S. and European Union export credit agencies
by United States. General Accounting Office
©1995 Published by General Accounting Office , Washington, D.C.


REF HQ 1101 F45 1999 v.25 (COL)
Feminist Studies : FS
©1999 Published by Feminist Studies , College Park, Md., 1999
ISBN 00463663


FIL JN 36 S26 (COL)
Few notes on the enhanced role of the European Parliament in the European Union
by Santiago, Joseph Sedfrey S
©1994 Published by U.P.-CIDS , Quezon City, 1994
ISBN 9718797629


TX 357 K58 2008 (COL)
Food and culture
by Kittler, Pamela Goyan, 1953-
©2008 Published by Wadsworth/Thomson Learning , Australia ; Belmont, CA
ISBN 9780495115410 (pbk.)



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