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Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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FIL DS 686.614 T37 (COL)
After Edsa... : a military reformist's personal account of the EDSA revolution and some views on the problems of the
by Tarrazona, Hector M.
©1989 Published by The Author , Pasay City, Manila


FIL 959.9047 AL7 (HS)
Alternative violence : interdisciplinary perspectives on Filipino People Power
©1989 Published by New Day Publishing, Quezon City
ISBN 9711003155


VHS 959.9047 B34 1996 (HS)
Bayani : contemporary heroes, historical volume # 17
©1996 Published by ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc. , Q.C., 1996


FIL DS 686.5 Y32 (COL)
Boys from the barracks : The Philippine military after EDSA
by Yabes, Criselda
©1991 Published by Anvil Publishing, Pasig, MM, 1991
ISBN 9712701271


VHS MP D21l 1988 (HS)
Dangerous Life
©1988 Published by [S.I. : s.n.]


Diwa ng EDSA rebolusyon mayroon pa ba?
by Reyes, Bernardo B.


CA D66 A58 1992 (COL)
Domestic advertising of Philippine airline after the EDSA revolution
by Antolin, Elaine V
©1992 Published by The Authors



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