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Thursday, August 6, 2020
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A Survey of the External Debt Situation in Asian and Pacific Developing Countries: 1987-1988 (ADB)


FIL HJ 8802 S26 (COL)
Critique of the Asian Development Bank's strategy, objectives and thrusts in the Philippines
by Sta. Ana III, Filomeno S
©1992 Published by Freedom From Debt Coalition , Quezon City, 1992
ISBN 9713800109


FIL HJ 8899 B44 1994 (COL)
Dark victory : The United States, structural adjustment and global poverty
by Bello, Walden F., 1945-
©1994 Published by Freedom From Debt Coalition , Quezon City, 1994
ISBN 9713800168


HJ 8899 D42 1988 (COL)
Debt survey of developing countries
by Strack, Dieter, ed.
©1988 Published by Westview , Boulder, Colo.
ISBN 0813378850


HG 3881.5 I58 B57 1995 (COL)
IMF lending to developing countries : issues and evidence
by Bird, Graham
©1995 Published by Routledge , London, 1995
ISBN 0415117003


HJ 8899 N86 (COL)
International debt crisis of the Third World. : causes and consquences for th wolrd economy.
by Nunnenkamp, Peter
©1986 Published by Wheatsheaf Books , Brington, Sussex
ISBN 071080752x


HF 1413 W54 (COL)
International economic organisations and the Third World
by Williams, Marc
©1994 Published by Harvester Wheatsheaf , New York, 1994
ISBN 0745014321



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