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Friday, September 18, 2020
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Call Number
LB 1060 M84 1995 (GRAD)
Multiple intelligences : a collection
Published by IRI/Skylight Training and Pub., Inc. , Arlington Heights, Illinois, 1995
ISBN 0932935915


LB 1592 B4 2001 (COL)
Multiple intelligences and positive life habits : 174 activites for applying them in your classroom
by Beachner, Lynne
Published by Corwin Press , Thousand Oaks, 2001
ISBN 0761977287 (pbk.)


TR 370.152 Ar7381 (GS)
Multiple intelligences in the classroom
by Armstrong, Thomas
©2009 Published by ASCD , Alexandria, Virginia, 2009
ISBN 9781416607892


Need for cognitive closure and politics : voting, political attitudes and attributional style
by Chirumbolo, Antonio


Tr. Ref. 371.39 F68p 1997 (HS)
Problem-based learning and other curriculum models for the multiple intelligences classroom
by Fogarty, Robin
©1997 Published by IRI/Skylight Training and Publishing, Arlington Heights, IL
ISBN 1575170671


Ref. 302 T13p 2006 (HS)
Taking sides : clashing views on controversial psychological issues
©2006 Published by Dushkin/McGraw-Hill
ISBN 0073545589 (pbk)


Ref. 302 T13cs 2005 (HS)
Taking sides : clasing views on controversial issues in cognitive science
©2005 Published by McGraw-Hill/Dunshkin , Dubuque, Iowa
ISBN 0072953284



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