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Friday, September 18, 2020
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LB 1523 S68 2010 (COL)
Differentiating for the young child : teaching strategies across the content areas, PreK-3
by Smutny, Joan Franklin
©2010 Published by Corwin , Thousand Oaks, Calif.
ISBN 9781412975568 (pbk.)


LB 1031 H4 2002 (COL)
Differentiating instruction in the regular classroom : how to reach and teach all learners, grades 3-12
by Heacox, Diane
©2002 Published by Free Spirit Publishing, Minneapolis, MD
ISBN 1574421054


LB 1060 W55 1999 (COL)
Discover your child's learning styles : children learn in unique ways
by Willis, Mariaemma
©1999 Published by Three Rivers , New York
ISBN 0761520139 (pbk.)


TR 370.152320 En3 c1999 (GS)
Gift of literacy for the multiple intelligences classroom.
by English, Evelyn Williams
©1999 Published by Skylight , Arlington Heights, Ill.
ISBN 1575171465


LB 1060 P38 2002 (COL)
Here's how to reach me : matching instruction to personality types in your classroom
by Pauley, Judith A.
Published by Paul H. Brooks Publishing , Baltimore, 2002
ISBN 1557665664


LC 3981 R54 2006 (COL)
How to reach and teach all children in the inclusive classroom : practical strategies, lessons, and activities
by Rief, Sandra F.
©2006 Published by Jossey-Bass , San Francisco, CA
ISBN 0787981540 (pbk.)


LB 1062 F63 1995 (COL)
Integrating curricula with multiple intelligences : Teams, themes, and threads
by Fogarty, Robin
©1995 Published by IRI/Skylight Training and Publishing, Arlington Heights, Ill., 1995
ISBN 0932935818



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