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Saturday, July 4, 2020
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FIL LC 3987 P6 A56 2007 (COL)
Annotated bibliographies of Philippine researches in special education : SPED : Anno. B?
©2007 Published by Special Education Area of the University of the Philippines, Quezon City
ISBN 9789719379102 (pbk.)


FIL LC 3992 N37 1997 (COL)
Proceedings of the Fifth National Conference on the Gifted, December 10-12, 1997, Science Teacher Training Center, U.P., Diliman, Q.C.: conference : The gifted Filipino: responding to the challebnges of the next millennium
by National Conference on the Gifted (5th : Diliman, Q.C.)
©1999 Published by Gifted Philippines, Inc. , Quezon City, 1999


FIL BF 412 C35 (COL)
Reconceptualizing giftedness in the Philippines
by Camara, Erlinda F
©1993 Published by U.S. Army-Research Institute for the Behavioral an, Quezon City, 1993



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