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Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Call Number
741.241 Ic1dr (GS)
" I can Draw " ...
©1996 Published by Walter Foster Publishing, Inc. , Laguna Hills, California
ISBN 1560102373


220.9 F85li #43 (GS)
Come down, Zacchaeus!
by Frank, Penny
©1986 Published by Lion Publishing , Tring, England
ISBN 0856487686


Ref. BX AL2f 2000 (HS)
Favourite Bible characters : outstanding men and women of the Bible
by Alex, Marlee
©2000 Published by Scandinavian Publishing House , Denmark
ISBN 8772471714


BS 580 A3 M47 1989 (COL)
Journey of liberation : Abraham and Sarah, yesterday and today.
by Mesters, Carlos
©1989 Published by Claretian Publications, Quizon City
ISBN 971501352x


Tr. Ref. 220.9 P38o 1989 (HS)
Outlines on bible characters
by Pentz, Croft M.
©1989 Published by Christian Literature Crusade , Valenzuela
ISBN 9719174218


FIL 220.9 P38 (GS)
Outlines on Bible characters.
by Pentz, Craft M.
©1989 Published by Christian Literature Crusade , Valenzuela, Metro Manila
ISBN 9719174218


TR 220.92 L755 (GS)
Who's who object talks that teach about the old testament : 23 cool characters your kids will love
by Lingo, Susan L.
©2003 Published by Standard Publishing , Cincinnati, Ohio
ISBN 0784713111



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