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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Call Number
GN 743 G73 1966 (COL)
Adventure of man
by Gregor, Arthur S.
©1966 Published by Washington Square Press , New York


GN 740 S52 1970 (COL)
Ages of man.
by Shanahan, R. M.
©1970 Published by McGraw-Hill , New York


GN 738 T44 1956 (COL)
Appearance of man
by Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre, 1881-1955
©1956 Published by Harper & Row , New York


GN 487 E33 2011 (COL)
Early human kinship : from sex to social reproduction
©2011 Published by Wiley-Blackwell , Malden, MA
ISBN 9781444338782 (pbk.)


GN 635 S58 E36 1978 (COL)
Economic exchange and social interaction in Southeast Asia : perspectives from prehistory, history, and ethnography
by Hutterer, Karl L.
©1978 Published by The University of Michigan Press , Ann Arbor, Michigan


GN 281 S76 2002 (COL)
Explaining human origins : myth, imagination and conjecture
by Stoczkowski, Wiktor
©2002 Published by Cambridge University Press , Cambridge
ISBN 052165730X


FIL GN 855 P5 P47 2000 (COL)
Glances : prehistory of the Philippines
by Peralta, Jesus T.
©2000 Published by National Commission for Culture and the Arts , Manila
ISBN 971814000



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