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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Call Number
F 3169 H48 1958 (COL)
Aku-Aku, the secret of Easter Island.
by Heyerdahl, Thor
©1958 Published by George Allen and Unwin , London, 1958


E 61 P37 1973 (COL)
America's past; a new world archaeology.
by Patterson, Thomas C.
©1973 Published by Scott, Foresman & Company, Glenview, Illinois


REF E 61 W66 (COL)
Ancient America
by Wood, Marion
©1990 Published by Facts on File , New York
ISBN 0816022100


VCD 970.004 An2 (HS)
Ancient American: the Mayas and Aztecs
Published by Felta Multi-Media Center


E 51 E92 1960 (COL)
Archaeological investigations in British, Guiana.
by Evans, Clifford
Published by None , Washington, 1960


E 99 P9 C67 1962 (COL)
Aztec ruins: national monument, New Mexico.
by Corbett, John M.
©1962 Published by National Park Services, U.S. Department of Interio, Washington D.C., 1962


E 51 L67 1957 (COL)
Chancey-style grave at Zapalan, Peru. : an analysis of its textiles, poetry
by Lothrop, S. K.
Published by Peabody Museum , Cambridge, Massachussetts, 1957



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