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Saturday, July 4, 2020
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FIL HC 13.2 P54w 87-03 (COL)
Can the informal lenders be co-opted into government credit program?
by Esguerra, Emmanuel F.
©1987 Published by Philippine Institute for Development Studies, Makati, Metro Manila, 1987


FIL HD 906 G85 1997 (COL)
Guidebooks on sustainable land use planning and management
©1997 Published by Department of Environment and Natural Resources , Quezon City


FIL HC 460 P6 I56 (COL)
Innovative development processes in the Philippines : Case studies
©1991 Published by Asian Center , Quezon City, 1991


FIL HT 391 C32 (COL)
Integration of population dimension in agricultural development planning : An introductory framework for agricultural planners
by Cabrido, Candido A
©1994 Published by NEDA , Manila, 1994


FIL REF S 494.5 A45 P37 (COL)
Participatory planning handbook for people-oriented forestry.
©1994 Published by DENR-Upland Development Program , Quezon City, 1994


FIL HN 720 Z9 P64 (COL)
Policy considerations for rural development
©1992 Published by Agricultural Policy Research and Advocacy Assistan, Manila, 1992


FIL HN 720 29 P64 1992
Policy considerations for rural development.
Published by not yet encoded



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