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Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Call Number
HQ 796 A35 2005 (COL)
Adolescent portraits : identity, relationships, and challenges
by Garrod, Andrew C
©2005 Published by Pearson/Allyn and Bacon , Boston
ISBN 0205418007


Tr. Ref. 305.235 Ad7 2005 (HS)
Adolescent portraits : identity, relationships, and challenges
©2005 Published by Allyn and Bacon , Boston, MA
ISBN 0205418007


RC 552 A5 L36 2006 (COL)
Boys get anorexia too : coping with male eating disorders in the family
by Langley, Jenny
©2006 Published by Paul Chapman Pub. , London
ISBN 9781412920223 (pbk.)


RJ 506 B44 K34 2009 (COL)
Cases in emotional and behavioral disorders of children and youth
by Kauffman, James M.
©2009 Published by Pearson Education Inc. , Upper Saddle River, N.J.
ISBN 9780135002636 (pbk)


LC 4708 D97 2017
Dyslexia in adolescence : global perspective
©2017 Published by Routledge , New York, NY, 2017
ISBN 9781138644533 (pbk)


FIL LB 1033 A43 1957 (COL)
Educating for human relations in Philippine secondary schools
by Aldaba-Lim, Estefania
©1957 Published by Phoenix Press , Quezon City


PSY E34 C78 1995 (COL)
Effects of Miriam College freshmen's self-concept on the perception of interpersonal skill effectiveness
by Cruz, Mary Grace
©1995 Published by The Authors



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