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Friday, July 10, 2020
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HV 640.5 B93 N36 2000 (COL)
Guidelines on strategies and responses to the needs of Burmese migrant women in Thailand
by Nang Lao Liang Won
©2000 Published by Asia Pacific Forum on Women Law and Development , Chiangmai, Thailand, 2000


How serfdom saved the women's movement
by Flanagan, Caitlin


FIL HD 6300 T53 1998 (COL)
International labor migration and the prospects for regional cooperation in the Asia-Pacific : Southeast Asian migrants in Taiwan
by Tigno, Jorge V.
©1998 Published by Institute for Strategic and Development Studies , Quezon City
ISBN 9718916075


FIL HD 6305 F55 I57 1987 (COL)
International labour migration in the Philippines and South East Asia : round table : Manila, 8-11 December 1987
©1987 Published by The Foundation , Berlin, 1987


FIL HD 8653.5 I87 1995 (COL)
Issues and concerns of overseas Filipinos : an assessment of the Philippine government's response
by Samonte, Elena L.
©1995 Published by U.P. Center for Integrative and Developing Studies, Diliman, Quezon City


FIL HD 8716.5 L32 (COL)
Labour trade : Filipino migrant workers around the world.
©1987 Published by KAIBIGAN, (Friends of Filipino Migrant Workers) , Mandaluyong
ISBN 094684822X


FIL HD 6191 L43 1998 (COL)
Legal protection for Asian women migrant workers : Strategies for action, "held on Manila, Sept. 8-12, 1997"
©1998 Published by Asian Human Rights Commission, Asian Legal Resourc, Makati City, 1998
ISBN 2921337169



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