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Sunday, July 5, 2020
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CA A28 R63 1991 (COL)
Action line : Answering agent of assistance
by Robles, Geraldine P
©1991 Published by The Author


CA B53 A24 1991 (COL)
Black theater of Manila : educating elementary students through puppetry
by Abello, Mary Ann
©1991 Published by The Authors


CA C66 A44 1991 (COL)
Content analysis of television show "Mel & Jay"
by Alejandrino, Maria Liza
©1991 Published by The Authors


CA C74 C35 1991 (COL)
Creativity of children with general learning disabilities
by Calugay, Marivel Q.
©1991 Published by The Authors


CA D48 A98 1991 (COL)
DBP entrepreneurship TV campaign and the communicability attribute of diffusion of innovation
by Ayuson, Gerlie
©1991 Published by The Authors


CA E38 D67 1991 (COL)
Educational problems in the elementary level of Alagao, San Ildefonso Bulacan
by Doroteo, Rhodalynda E.
©1991 Published by The Authors


CA E34 S55 1991 (COL)
Effectiveness of Miriam College environmental education
by Silvestre, Theresa M
©1991 Published by The Authors



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